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Here you can find the full feature list of Aries Cheats. 

The premium version has a custom polymorph engine & Ring 0 injection method 
Our competitors try and avoid detection by creating unique builds or just adding junk code to a public source which simply don’t work in the long run.  We’re different, our kernel-driver is leading the industry and hides our CS:GO cheats at the deepest levels of the Windows kernel.

Aries Cheats Premium forum Access can be bought here!
If you don't have paypal, there are a few other payment methods, more on that here!

Legitbot (humanized)

- Custom aim keys
- Vischeck
- Smokecheck
- Silent aim
- Custom hitboxes (closest to crosshair, head, neck, chest, stomach)
- Customizable FOV
- Customizable Smoothing
- Customizable RCS amount
- Customizable Backtracking ticks
- Autopistol
- Triggerbot
- Hitbox Triggerhitbox
- Custom trigger key
- Auto fire
- Delay
- Custom Hitbox


- Chams
- ESP Filter
- Box
- Name ESP
- Health/Armor ESP
- C4 ESP
- Planted C4
- Different cham mode's (material, flat, many more)
- Hand Chams
- Dead Player Chams
- Planted C4 Boxes
- Customizable ESP color
- Customizable Chams color
- Customizable C4 color
- Customizable weapon color
- Customizable defuse kit color
- Hitmarkers
- Bullet-Traces
- Planted C4 Text
- Defuse Kit Text
- C4 Carrier ESP
- Nightmode 
- Recoil Crosshair
- Sniper Crosshair
- Weapon on ground ESP

Streamproof Windows

- External Window Radar


- Bunnyhop (Humanized, Perfect)
- Autostrafe
- Rank reveal
- No Smoke
- No Scope
- Custom hitsounds
- Player FOV changer
- Edge Jump
- Viewmodel FOV changer
- Knifebot


- Custom skins for all snipers
- Custom skins for all rifles
- Custom skins for all pistols
- Custom skins for all heavy
- Custom skins for all smgs
- Custom skins for all shotguns
- Custom skins for all knifes
- Knifechanger
- Glovechanger

AntiCheat Support
Detection Status

Windows Support
- Windows 10 (16299 - 18290)
- Windows 7 (7601) (Not offical supported)

Kernel Mode Driver 
- Many undisclosed ones

Extra Info
- Every User gets every inject a completely new cheat build !
- Only 100 Slots!

[Image: 76QJMff.png]
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